freedom house 的报告里详细列出了各个国家对海外异议者使用的手段。其中唯有中国是真的五毒俱全的。

It is difficult to determine whether the harassment of Uyghurs is being driven primarily by Beijing’s demands or Ankara’s own geopolitical and economic priorities. China’s economic investment in Turkey has grown significantly since 2016, through a combination of loans and infrastructural development projects associated with the Belt and Road Initiative.25 In 2017, Ankara and Beijing signed an extradition agreement that could facilitate the repatriation of Uyghurs

if they are charged with terrorism.26 The treaty was formally ratified by Chinese authorities in late 2020, and it remains unratified but under consideration by the Turkish parliament. Although Turkish officials continue to raise the issue of
the mistreatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang with their Chinese counterparts,27 the rhetoric is far more muted than it was a decade ago.

@civetkikyou “虽远必诛” 想起乌衣是在疫情期间被跨省带走就无语,后续他们又拿疫情做文章阻止乌衣和律师见面

@wenshiqiqiu 都已经驾轻就熟了,每次抓人几乎都这样,只有疫情是新的而已

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